8 May 2014
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Reasons To Build A Mobile Website Design

In today’s fast-paced world, having a tablet, a smart phone or an iPad is really important. These devices give people the freedom to do business and entertainment while they are outside their homes. For this reason, it is really essential for business owners to have a good mobile website design that will serve consumers with a busy lifestyle wherever they may be.

Competition among online business owners is getting stronger. As such, customer satisfaction needs to be prioritized. One way of promoting customer satisfaction and loyalty is having a mobile-friendly website design. In this way, business owners can be sure that they are not losing customers because they have a lousy website.


Below are things that consumers want in a mobile website:


1. A User-Friendly Site

According to Google, 67% of mobile users will likely buy or use a service if a website is super easy to navigate on a mobile device. On the other hand, 61% of users will likely switch to another site if they failed to find right away the things that they want.

2. A Faster Loading Website

Consumers usually have a busy schedule. As such, they don’t have that luxury of time to wait for a web page to display. In most cases, consumers are not likely to go beyond 5 seconds just to wait for a web page to display. With that in mind, business owners should see to it that their websites are loading efficiently lest they hurt their business and help their competitors to stay on the lead.

3. Friendly Search Box

Keep in mind that there are also times when a user does not give up right away on a website and uses the search box as the last option to search for particular information. That is why it is important that the website is capable of offering some suggestions instead of displaying the 404 error message when the information is not found after the search.

4. Link to Social Media Network

As most mobile users spend much of their time in social media networks, having a business page linked to one or more of these media sites gives options to users to post their concerns or queries about the products or services in an efficient manner. The business page on a social media site gives customers the option and convenience to transact business right on this type of platform.

5. A Text or Click-To-Call Button

A good mobile website design should have this feature for a faster transaction. It is the shortest way of converting a visiting client to a buying client. Without this feature, a business is just like driving some calls away that may be potentially converted into sales.

A good business mobile website design is one way of getting a chunk in sales from buyers using mobile devices. After all, it has been noted that the number of mobile device users are increasing and that there’s a big possibility that sales in personal computers will be surpassed by mobile devices in the future. Certainly, the surging number of mobile device users who are using the internet to connect with people and to search for information should be enough reasons to build a page with mobile web design.

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2 responses on “Reasons To Build A Mobile Website Design

  1. Today’s world everyone is using mobile phone so why not we should take the advantage to make them reach our services on their places through mobile website. user friendly and fast loading mobile website is very important for end users. Also there are few other advantage like one URL is accessible to all and social media linking. Thanks for sharing this great stuff.

  2. lee says:

    I need an update thanks

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